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We test every generation of Nissan GT-R from the R32, R33, R34, R35 and R35 Nismo, on the same dyno.


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StreetFX and Caradvice.com teamed up recently to gather a group of GT-R's to use in a photoshoot, showing the evolution of the GT-R. We figured we may as well make a meet out of it, and if you have seen our facebook (http://facebook.com/streetfx), we had a whole bunch of GT-R's come out to play.

Armed with 30 GT-R's at our disposal, we selected four stock looking examples for our photoshoot.

We also decided it would be interesting to not only photograph them, but get stock examples of each generation on the dyno to measure just how much power each of them made. I mean back in the 90's the factory claimed GT-R's power figure of 280hp was considered impressive, but fast forward 20 years and even a humble Toyota Aurion makes around 300hp from it's 3.5L donk.

You may question why we would need to dyno them considering we already know the factory power figures? Well, I'm glad you asked.

Nissan, just like every other Japanese manufacturer, used to adhere to a "gentleman's agreement" that they would not produce vehicles that exceeded 280hp. We can only speculate that this was to increase safety by stopping people from getting themselves into too much trouble, just like they restricted the top speed by means of an electronic limiter to 180kph.

Every GT-R was quoted by Nissan to produce 280hp (207kw). R32? 280hp, R33? Yep that was 280hp as well. Then came the R34 with all that new tech, bigger turbos, larger injectors.. You guessed it "280hp". We know this is obviously not correct, so that is why this test is interesting. That and the fact that manufacturer claims can quite often vary wildly with real-world scenarios. 

The majority of the cars on show were far from stock so they would be no good for our dyno comparison, but thankfully we were able to locate at least one stock (or close to stock) GT-R from each generation.

For the full article, including dyno sheets and more photos, check our article out at caradvice.com!

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