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SentiMETAL Ep 3: Nissan's rare Hakosuka Skyline GT-R


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For our third episode of SentiMETAL we travelled to the Free State to uncover the crowning jewel in one of the world's largest Nissan/Datsun collections, an all-original "Hakosuka" Skyline GT-R.

It must take everything; Every fibre, every compulsion... to go from a humble die-cast Datsun 510 model car, to possessing almost every full-scale Datsun ever created in your collection. And that’s precisely what Freek De Kock has done, a Bothaville resident who has amassed what is possibly the largest private collection of Nissans and Datsuns in the world. But we’re more than happy to bypass it all with little more than a cursory glance on this occasion, because as is often the case in situations like these, there is a treasured jewel in this ensemble – a bonafide centrepiece. Meet the ‘Hakosuka’. Directly translated from Japanese it means box-shaped Skyline and for obvious reasons. It also goes by the moniker KPGC10 and you’ll respect it for being the inception point of the beloved Nissan Skyline GT-R. This is where it all began. Not just the GT-R legend, but the Japanese sportscar as an icon.

A Cars.co.za Production

Featuring: Freek de Kock - Nissan (KPGC10) GTR
Directed By: Justin Pinto
Produced By: Sanchez Labs - https://vimeo.com/sanchezlabs
Story and Research: Calvin Fisher, Hannes Oosthuizen
2nd camera and Gimabal Operator: Shaan Bester
Offline edit: Carlos Feyder
Audio : Sanchez Labs
Filmed on location in Bothaville, South Africa

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