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Need For Speed Payback - LV399 Devil Z Nissan Fairlady 240ZG Derelict Performance & Gameplay


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Fully Upgraded Level 399 756HP Devil Z Nissan Fairlady 240ZG Derelict gameplay for Need For Speed Payback. Showcasing it's overall performance in 3 events and 1 online race. Performance/Speed Cards and stats are shown at the start of the video. Played with keyboard and manual transmission.

In the online race, you will notice that 1st place guy missed the checkpoint, even though he passed through it and it cost him the speedlist. That's the game's multiplayer for you.

0:06 - Performance, Stats and Speed Cards
0:31 - Multiplayer Casual speedlist, Gambler's Victory Lap Circuit Race
2:33 - Liberty Desert Trial, Time Trial
5:54 - Midnight Run, Sprint Race
7:54 - Silver Sprint, Sprint Race

Nissan Fairlady 240ZG Race Spec Performance Review:
So my first derelict performance video, so is it good? Well, like most good cars, it has great performance with some drawbacks. First the 240Z is really good at high speed type tracks and multiplayer speedlists consist quite a lot of highspeed type tracks. It has a great drift angle and good at microdrifting. It's drift recovery speed is also great at high speeds too, but it still needs a bit of time to regain back all of the speed loss if you do a really hard brake drift.

Unfortunately the 240z is not good at low speed turns and hairpins. When the drift angle gets large, it loses a lot of speed and it's average cornering speed is really low for these low speed corners. Because of how large the drift angle gets at hairpins, there isn't enough room to regain all the speed loss from drifting. But perhaps the biggest issue I have with it is that it doesn't respond to handbrake. Most cars can quickly snap into a drift with handbrake, this one has a huge delay in response that it's better to apply full brake drift instead. The 240zg isn't good at mountain tracks with hairpins.

Acceleration and NOS wise it is pretty good, better than the Ford GT and just a tiny bit lower than 918 and Huayra. This car is more suited for tracks with medium/high speed corners and it's extremely weak in low speed hairpin turns, like Mountain Run.

How does it compare with 911 RSR and Regera:
3 seconds slower than 911 Carrera RSR on Mountain Run. The way the 240zg's drifting work, it can't compete at low speed hairpin tracks, but it can compete at high speed tracks, but then you probably go against a Regera's top speed.

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