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If you ain't about this video, you ain't about me. I practiced and practiced and can say proudly that I can hit all the dance moves so invite me to your parties cause that dance floor is my (girl dog): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmHe-_-9L0U

Yo soy caliente! My Spanish teacher keeps telling me to use Spanish more often or I won't get used to it. So if there are any Spanish speaking hotties out there that wanna help me by having conversations in Spanish, holla at ya boy! And NO, I'm not gonna talk with a dude in Spanish, that's not caliente. It needs to be caliente. Muy CALIENTE cause that's how I roll.

But in all seriousness, I would love to get to know you guys...you know, you are the ones that actually watch my videos. Even I can't watch my own videos, I can't tell you how broken my computer screen is from punching it whenever I hear myself speaking while editing footage. I know my voice is irresistible, my voice could easily be the most famous adult voice star if I let it. It's just something about these videos that make me wanna beat the screen with a frozen baseball bat.

I know that I need to be more consistent with the uploads otherwise I'll never progress forward. It's just that I have college and work and practice and gym stuff that also needs to progress. The goal is to be on the Olympia stage one day :) how cool would it be to be the first motovlogger that ever hits the Olympia stage!

Social Media:
Instagram - https://instagram.com/saiyanrsexy/

Don't read what I wrote cause it's a secret, thanks home dog.

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