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2018 Nissan LEAF Launch: Interview With Its Chief Vehicle Engineer.


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Yesterday, Nissan unveiled its second-generation LEAF electric hatchback at a special event just outside of Tokyo, Japan. Consequentially, yesterday's video focused on the launch event and some of my initial reactions to the vehicle. 

As expected, you all had lots of questions about the 2018 LEAF. And while I've not been able to answer them all (I can confirm that the 2018 Nissan LEAF uses a Nissan-sourced passively-cooled battery pack), today's video features an interview with the 2018 LEAF's Chief Vehicle Engineer, Hiroki Isobe in which he provides some more in-depth discussion of the LEAF's engineering. 

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Disclaimer: Nissan provided airfare, lodging and meals to enable us to bring you this first-person report direct from Tokyo. 


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